eatin' it fresh

Every meal is prepped the same day you enjoy them
From 8:00 AM to 8.45 PM
Best Mexican Food Near Me


El Jalapeno has been a preferred food destination for authentic and homely Mexican food

for our patrons. Here, our unique cuisine serves to elevate Mexican American culture. 

Our signature versions of regional Mexican favorites are loved by diners as some of the best Mexican dishes served in Hamilton.


Our food is fresh, we go by an absolute no preservative policy. Which means whatever we serve is prepared fresh only on order and only for you. That's how special each

guest is for us.


We invite you to spice up your next order with freshly made dishes from El Jalapeno. We are a Mexican food restaurant and catering company, proudly serving you at our cosy and friendly ambiance and at your private parties as well as corporate events throughout New Jersey.

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Best Mexican Food In Hamilton NJ